Robotic pool cleaners       

These are the latest generation of pool cleaners. 
Rather than operating on water flow, robotic pool cleaners are powered by low voltage electricity. These cleaners have sophisticated navigation systems which guide the cleaner around the pool.  A mercury switch allows the robot to know where the walls of the pool are, and this system allows the cleaner to thoroughly clean the average pool in around three hours.  The robotic cleaners drive around on tracks or wheels, and all the debris collected is captured by the onboard filter.

These cleaners represent the most significant change in the pool industry in recent years, and are rapidly increasing in popularity
The leading range of Robotic Cleaners are the Dolphin Supreme range. These are not sold online however we do have the full range and working displays in our retail stores. 
See a Dolphin robotic cleaner at work. 




• These cleaners operate independently of your filtration system. There is no loss of skimming or filtering by the filtration system, and the filter does not need cleaning as often. • These cleaners are generally more expensive than suction cleaners.
• These cleaners never get stuck in corners.  As they have their own motor, if they get to a point they cannot go forward, they simply reverse back. • Some models are expensive and difficult to repair, however the latest models are becoming far more serviceable, and are often cheaper to maintain than suction cleaners.
• They have the capability of climbing walls and scrubbing the tiles around the waterline.  
• They will clean steps and ledges that other cleaners cannot.  
• Can be operated by remote control, allowing you to change program and drive the machine around the pool for spot cleaning if required.  
• They only take three hours to clean the pool and then switch themselves off. This means less wear and tear, and no hose getting in your way when swimming.  
• Robotic cleaners are energy efficient, costing only $0.13 per cycle.  
• They allow you to use your energy efficient pump in the most economical way, as they do not require any suction or pressure from the pump to operate.  
• Leaves your skimmer box free to skim the leaves from the pool surface.  
• A wide range of models are available to suit most pools and budgets, including cordless models for pools that have obstacles in the middle.  


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