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Pool Services

Join our VIP Regular Servicing Program

Our 35 step Regular Service Procedure ensures your pool remains clean and healthy for your maximum enjoyment with minimal effort. Here are some of the things we perform as part of our service:

  • Test the chemical balance of the water & add quality chemicals to re-balance
  • Upload water test results to our online Pool Program (results can be emailed)
  • Clean the skimmer & pump baskets
  • Leaf rake the pool & brush steps and waterline
  • Clean the salt cell and the filter - Backwash & rinse, or hose down the cartridges
  • Inspect & adjust filtration & cleaning equipment for optimal efficiency
  • Vacuum the pool (not required if an automatic cleaner is installed)
  • Maintain digital photos of the pool and filtration equipment for off-site diagnosis
  • Identify and attend to potential problems in a timely and cost effective manner

One Off Pool Services, Green Pool Cleanups & Equipment Installations

One of our experienced Pool Technicians will visit to service your pool, for example:

  • Test & balance pool water & service filtration equipment
  • Green pool cleanups
  • Diagnose faulty equipment, perform minor repair or return item/s to workshop for detailed diagnosis and repair/replacement quotes
  • Install new filtration equipment, lights, heaters, pool blankets, hand rails, cleaners, etc
  • Deal with leaking pools
  • Filtration equipment relocation
  • Maintain digital records of pool & equipment to assist future off-site diagnosis

Service Fees

VIP Regular Service Program One Off Pool Services
$60.00 (Minimum fee – assumes 30 minutes service) $65.00 for 1st ½ hour (minimum fee)
Vacuum fee pool - $27.50 (if required) $55.00 for every ½ hour thereafter (billed in 15min increments)
Vacuum fee spa - $22.50 (if applicable) 30 minutes - $65.00
45 minutes - $92.50
1 hour - $120.00
1 hour and 15 minutes - $147.50
1 hour and 30 minutes - $175.00

Chemicals and parts extra (our prices for products provided on-site are the same as we charge in our stores).

We re-balance your pool water to comply with QLD Health Department Guidelines and SPASA recommendations, thereby ensuring healthy water and the most comfortable swimming conditions.

Liqua Pool Software

At Active Pool Supplies we utilise sophisticated water testing & pool servicing software which is state-of-the-art.

Our Liqua Pool Software securely stores all details of your pool such as pool volume, pool surface, filtration equipment and sanitising system.

Click the link below to find out more.

Liqua Pool Software

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Pool Service

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