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Summer Tip 11: I wonder if i've got a leak?

If the level of the water in your pool is dropping more than you think normal, and you suspect that your pool might be leaking, there is a process we recommend you follow:
1. Check around the equipment and the plumbing to see if water is leaking.   It is normally best to check this after the pump has been running for over an hour, and with the pump still running.
2. Check the waste line on the filter to see whether water is passing through the sight glass.
3. Do a bucket test to confirm the water loss is not due to evaporation:
    - Place a bucket of pool water on the top step in the pool (where possible) so that the bucket stays the same temperature as the pool, otherwise it will evaporate quicker, as the bucket gets warmer.
    - Mark the level of the water on the bucket.
    - Mark the level of the water inside the skimmer box (or use a wooden stick and dip it onto the top step.  Remove the stick and mark the wet line with a pen and date).
    - Compare how far the water drops over a period of time (eg. 2-3 days).
    - If the level of the water in the bucket drops the same amount as the level of the water in the pool, your water loss in due to evaporation.
4. Determine accurate measurement of the water loss in centimetres over the period.
5. Run pump for 24hrs and mark level.
6. Turn pump off for 24hrs and mark level.
7. If the pool loses more water while pump is running it indicates the pool has a pressure leak in the pipes and will need pressure testing.
8. If the pool loses less while the pump is running (rare) this will indicate a suction leak that will suck air into the system whilst running but dribble water while inactive.    Check for split in skimmer or get pressure test.
9. If the pool loses the same amount of water whether the pump is running or not, this indicates that there is a gravity leak i.e. crack, hydro valve, etc., and will need dye testing and maybe a dive.

At this point, it is time to call Active Pool Supplies to take the next step.

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