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Summer Tip 10: My pool's gone to the dogs!

We sometimes have customers asking whether it's okay for the dog to swim in the pool. Our opinion is, why not?  It's your pool!

Do be aware, however, that dogs will introduce a lot more bacteria to the water than a human being, which will require more sanitiser to remove the bacteria.  We've been quoted that one dog in the pool is equivalent to twenty people when it comes to sanitiser usage (but this could be urban myth).
The bottom line is that it's important to keep an eye on the sanitiser level to keep it within the desired range to ensure the pool water remains healthy (for you and the dog).   And if you've got a dog that sheds a lot of fur, you might like to consider a skimmer sock for your skimmer basket.   It would not be the first time we've seen a pool pump clogged up with dog hair.

Of course, we are not vets, so we can't provide advice on the effects of pool water on your dog!
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