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Pool Tips: How to prime your pool pump

We are all too familiar with the sound of a pool pump that is struggling for water or the drama of refilling the system with water after servicing. Help is at hand.

If the pool water has drained out of the pipework from the pump back to the pool, it can sometimes be difficult for the pump to suck the water from the skimmer box back into the filtration system.  This might be particularly relevant if your pump is a long way from the pool, or is positioned quite high above the level of the pool water.

Here's a quick guide to priming your pump.
- Ensure the level of water in the pool is high enough to easily cover the skimmer.
- Ensure the unions on the pump & filter are tight and ensure Union O Rings have not been removed.
- Ensure the Pump Lid O Ring is present (lubricate with Silicon Grease not petroleum-based grease).
- Disconnect any Automatic Cleaner from the skimmer box.

Steps to prime the pump:
1. Turn pump off.
2. Turn Cell off.
3. Turn Filter handle to Re-Circulate (assuming you have a sand filter).
4. Remove skimmer basket.  Take all nozzle & fittings off garden hose and place end of hose into the Suction Line (as far as it will go) in the skimmer box. Turn hose on full.
5. Take the pump lid off and pour 4-5 buckets of water into the pump basket.  Replace lid quickly and turn pump on.
6. Repeat Step 5 a few times, if necessary.

Assuming the pump primes up, remove the garden hose and replace the skimmer basket.  
Allow the pump to run for 5 minutes before turning off, then:
- Return Filter handle back to Filter,
- Turn Cell back on.
- Re-connect Auto Cleaner, if appropriate.
- Turn pump back on (set chlorinator to Auto, if appropriate).

If the pump still does not prime, or is noisier than normal, you will need to call us to book a Service Call.

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