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Summer Tip 6: Oh Sh*t. What to do with Doo Doo?

As we all know, Sh*t Happens.   If it does, literally, in your pool, it's pretty important to deal with the "matter" correctly and safely.   I mean it is Xmas holidays, and things can get pretty loose.

Faecal Incident Procedure
1. Get everyone out of the pool (that should be pretty easy!)
2. Remove the stool using your pool scoop or leaf rake and flush it down the toilet.
3. If it's loose and runny, vacuum it with your filter set to "WASTE".  Also clean your skimmer basket and pump basket (consider wearing rubber gloves). Turn the filter back to "FILTER" and add a Clarifier to the water.
4. Shock dose the pool with a Chlorine Dioxide tablet (1 per 10,000 litres), run the pool for 2-3 hours, ensure your pool scoop or vacuum is in the water so that it gets a dose of chlorine too.   If you have a system that includes probes to measure pH, ORP or another variable, you must isolate the probes before adding the Chlorine Dioxide Tablets.
5. We recommend staying out of the water for the 2-3 hours whilst the Chlorine Dioxide kills and removes any bacteria, and then give the filter a clean (back wash & rinse).

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