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Summer Tip 5: An ounce of prevention

At this time of year, with tropical rain diluting the pool water, soaring temperatures, and increased pool use, we recommend the following preventative / maintenance measures for your pool (in no particular order):

1. Empty your skimmer basket regularly.
2. Make sure the level of your pool water is well above the bottom of the skimmer box.
3. Ensure your pump is running enough hours in the day.
4. Check your sanitiser level regularly.
5. If you know you're having a party, or you've got the extended family for xmas day, and the pool is going to get excessive use, increase the sanitiser production level a couple of days beforehand, and a couple of days after.
6. Turn your pool light on regularly.
7. If the pool starts to look cloudy, have your water tested asap.
8. Keep some additional sanitiser (stabilised granular chlorine) handy.
9. Check your filter pressure.   Clean your filter.
10. Add acid to the water to keep the pH down (for improved chlorine effectiveness and bather comfort).
11. Clean your salt cell (even if it's "self-cleaning", you should still do this every 6 months, or so, to remove any calcium build-up and to clean the sensor).

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