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Summer Tip 3: Bring on the night

Pool lights can make your pool look great at night, making a real feature of your pool.  

The best tip we can provide for your pool light is to turn it on regularly.  By doing so, the heat generated by the light dries out any condensation within the light cavity and helps prevent corrosion.

Perhaps consider plugging the light transformer into a "plug in timer" (assuming your transformer is not hard wired) and set the timer to turn the light on every night for a couple of hours.  The power cost is insignificant, your light will last longer, and your pool will look great every night!

We can arrange an electrician to convert your hard wired transformer into a 3 pin plug, and we have weatherproof Plug In Timers available in store.   If your existing light isn't working, we can install a replacement LED light in either single colour, or multi colour.   And at the moment, if you purchase a new LED light, Active Pool Supplies will throw in a free floating lounge.

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