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Summer Tip 2: Go with the flow

At this time of year, one of the biggest problems we see are pools with inadequate water flow.  Low flow, or worse, no flow, can be disastrous for your pool.

The water is driven around your pool by your pool pump.  Your pump sucks the water from the skimmer box, and then pushes it through the filter and back to the pool.  There are a number of places or reasons that flow can be restricted:
- Check your skimmer basket.  Don't let it get choccas with leaves and debris.
- Check your pump basket.  As above.
- Clean your filter.  Backwash & rinse your sand filter, or thoroughly hose down your cartridges.  We recommend once per month (more if the pool gets a lot of use, or cops a lot of debris).
- If you've got an automatic suction cleaner, keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get blocked.
- If the pump runs without water, it can overheat and suffer serious damage.  And/or if the flow stops, and the water isn't filtered, nor sanitised, then an algae bloom will result in a short amount of time.

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