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Pool Cleaners

There are three main types of automatic pool cleaners:

  • Suction Cleaners
  • Pressure Cleaners
  • Robotic Cleaners

Suction Cleaners

These are the cleaners that plug into your skimmer box such as Kreepy Krauly and Baracuda. The suction generated from your pool pump provides the power source. They start working whenever your pump switches on and generally move randomly around your pool. The more advanced suction cleaners have a smart steering system to guide them around the pool. Others simply have a weight on the bottom and a float at the top which causes the cleaner to turn when it goes up a wall

Advantages Disadvantages
Relatively cheap to purchase. Require more suction from your pump to make them operate than most other cleaners. This can be an issue with energy efficient pumps.
Require little effort to run and maintain They stop your skimmer box from performing the function it was meant for - skimming the leaves from the surface of the pool. This means that more leaves end up on the floor.
There is a model to suit most pools and budgets Because they run whenever your pool pump does, they generally operate for more hours than necessary to clean the pool. This leads to more wear and tear, and spare parts can be expensive.
The random nature of the cheaper models often means they miss parts of your pool, or get stuck in corners.

Pressure Cleaners

These cleaners operate using the pressure generated by your pump rather than suction. They work best when they have a separate designated pump, but this requires some specific plumbing to be installed when the pool is built. If you do not have this set up in your pool, the pressure cleaners can still be set up by connecting them to the eyeball returns. This generally requires the other eyeballs to be blocked off or restricted to provide sufficient pressure to the cleaner.

Advantages Disadvantages
These cleaners will pick up leaves and debris that suction cleaners will not. They generally have a much bigger opening in the bottom and are considered the 4wd of pool cleaners. More expensive than most suction cleaners.
They leave the skimmer box free to skim the leaves off the top of the pool whilst the cleaner works on the floor. If not connected to a designated pump, they increase the operating pressure of you filter and elevate it for longer than necessary. This leads to reduced life and more maintenance for both the cleaner and your filter.
Most have a reversing valve to prevent them from getting stuck in corners. A lot of working parts that can be expensive to replace. The pressure cleaners have a relatively high maintenance cost.
They collect all the debris in an inboard filter bag, which means the cleaner is not blocking your baskets and clogging up you filter. If operating on your filtration pump, these cleaners severely resist water flow, which reduces filtration.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

These are the latest generation of pool cleaners. Rather than operating on water flow, robotic pool cleaners are powered by low voltage electricity. These cleaners have sophisticated navigation systems which guide the cleaner around the pool. A mercury switch allows the robot to know where the walls of the pool are, and this system allows the cleaner to thoroughly clean the average pool in around three hours. The robotic cleaners drive around on tracks or wheels, and all the debris collected is captured by the onboard filter.

These cleaners represent the most significant change in the pool industry in recent years, and are rapidly increasing in popularity

The leading range of Robotic Cleaners are the Dolphin Supreme range. These are not sold online however we do have the full range and working displays in our retail stores. Come visit us in-store to see a Dolphin robotic cleaner at work.

Advantages Disadvantages
These cleaners operate independently of your filtration system. There is no loss of skimming or filtering by the filtration system, and the filter does not need cleaning as often. These cleaners are generally more expensive than suction cleaners.
These cleaners never get stuck in corners. As they have their own motor, if they get to a point they cannot go forward, they simply reverse back. Some models are expensive and difficult to repair, however the latest models are becoming far more serviceable, and are often cheaper to maintain than suction cleaners.
They have the capability of climbing walls and scrubbing the tiles around the waterline.
They will clean steps and ledges that other cleaners cannot.
Can be operated by remote control, allowing you to change program and drive the machine around the pool for spot cleaning if required.
They only take three hours to clean the pool and then switch themselves off. This means less wear and tear, and no hose getting in your way when swimming.
Robotic cleaners are energy efficient, costing only $0.13 per cycle.
They allow you to use your energy efficient pump in the most economical way, as they do not require any suction or pressure from the pump to operate.
Leaves your skimmer box free to skim the leaves from the pool surface.
A wide range of models are available to suit most pools and budgets, including cordless models for pools that have obstacles in the middle.
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