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How to make your pool go green (in a good way)

14 January 2022

 by Angus Donald

Here are some tips to help your pool become more environmentally friendly:

1. Change the old sand in your filter to crushed glass. Crushed glass has the benefit of filtering the water more efficiently, and only 75% of the amount of glass is required compared to sand. This means the media inside the filter weighs less, and therefore it is quicker to clean the filter when you are back washing, resulting in less water down the drain. Less water down the drain is better for the environment, and saves you money in both chemicals and on your water bill.

2. Install an energy efficient pool pump.  Energy efficient pumps can use up to 80% less electricity than a standard pool pump.  Less electricity used is good for the environment and also for your wallet.

3. Consider converting your pool to an ozone system. Ozone is a very efficient sanitiser, and this permits a lower level of chlorine to be maintained in your pool whilst keeping the pool cleaner and healthier. It also means that when you backwash, the water going into the waste system will have less chlorine, and this is better for the environment.

4. Install a pool blanket and roller on your pool. Pool blankets reduce water loss due to evaporation by up to 97%. Less water lost by evaporation means less topping up of your pool, which means less water out of the tap which is better for the environment, and also for your wallet.

5. If you're still using a suction cleaner, consider changing to a robotic cleaner. Suction cleaners connect to the filtration system adding further strain on your pool pump. Robotic cleaners run independently and work off low voltage (usually 24V) so they use very little power, and they will typically clean your pool in less than 3 hours. This can allow you to reduce the run time of your normal system, so you save on power. Again, good for the environment!

If you want any advice on any of these tips for a more environmentally friendly pool, just call us on 5537 3341.

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