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What Pool Chemicals Should You Keep At Home?

18 November 2021

 by Angus Donald

With summer coming up, it won't hurt to have a small collection of pool chemicals on hand to deal with any emergencies and to tide you over until you can get to Active Pool Supplies. Xmas this year is over a weekend, so with extra public holidays, shops will be shut.

Fortunately, as the resident experts on all pool supplies in the Gold Coast, and with the details of your pool (hopefully) entered in our computerised analysis system, Active Pool Supplies can help you determine which chemicals your pool will be most likely to need, and which you should keep in supply at home. To answer any question you have about the maintenance of your pool, you can come into either our Runaway Bay or Bundall stores, or call our team on (07) 5537 3341.

Keeping a small collection of pool chemicals on hand will make simple pool maintenance even easier. First, it's handy to have some sort of water test kit at home, and we've got basic test strips that are quick and easy to use. Simply dip a test strip in the pool water and you'll get a rough idea of where the main elements of your water chemistry are at. These test strips will provide a guide on your chlorine level, and also the pH, total alkalinity, and water hardness, until you can get a thorough water test analysis completed in store.

In an emergency, it can be helpful to have some spare granular chlorine on hand (make sure you get the good stuff, not the poor quality gear that can make your pool cloudy). Should the chlorine level in your water get low, the pool will start to go cloudy, or worse, green! Additionally, a 5-litre drum of hydrochloric acid is also a good idea since the pH needs to be at the right level for the chlorine to be effective (we recommend adding acid to the pool every week). It's also worthwhile keeping 4 kgs of Buffer at home. Buffer keeps the pH of the water stable, and helps keep the water soft. Be aware, the size of your pool will determine the correct quantities of chemicals to add.

Whilst you can't measure the salt level of the water using the test strips, it can be handy to keep a bag or two of salt (or minerals) at home for when your chlorinator salt light starts flashing (or whatever other method your chlorinator uses). Finally, a litre of clarifier, or a Bling Clarifying Tablet, can help make your pool crystal clear for those special, or not so special occasions.  

With a little preparation, you'll be able to maintain enough supplies at home to keep your pool clean and safe until your next visit to Active Pool Supplies.

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