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Pool cleaning in Arundel and the Gold Coast made easy with a pool cleaning robot

18 May 2019

We've seen a spike in people upgrading their pool cleaner in Arundel. We think that it is because Arundel is such a leafy suburb and it is at this time of year that leaves fall in large quantities. Like many Gold Coast locations, it is leaves that so often block traditional suction pool cleaners.

With modern robotic cleaners, they are a vast improvement to the upkeep of pools at residences, particularly those around the gold course of Arundel

The main reasons a robot pool cleaner work better:

- Bigger opening in bottom of the cleaner allows the robot to collect leaves and debris that a suction cleaner would not.
- With the robot picking up the leaves, your skimmer box will be left to the job of collecting surface leaves as it was designed to do.
- Systematic coverage means that the robot gets places that traditional suction cleaners, keeping the surface of your pool brighter.
- Robot cleaners are powered and have their own pump and filter and can run completely independently of the pool filtration system.
- By capturing leaves in the robot, your main filter stays cleaner for longer.
- Robot cleaners operate silently giving you more peace and quiet.

Is it time to upgrade your pool cleaning systems to a robot cleaner? Call on Active Pool Supplies for all the best advice for your pool cleaning upgrade at your Arundel home and across the Gold Coast. To view the full range, drop by the Active Pool supplies shops at Bundall and Runaway Bay. Rated 4.9 / 5.0 by our customers, you can count on the quality of service from the award-winning team from Active Pools Supplies.

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  Pool cleaning in Arundel and the Gold Coast made easy with a pool cleaning robot
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