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Is your pool ready for school holidays?

18 September 2019

School holidays start this weekend. Is your pool ready? It's a bit easy to ignore the pool over the cooler winter months, and it only takes a couple of degrees rise in water temperature, then add a few energetic kids splashing around, and you'll use up all the sanitiser that's available in the pool water. If that happens, it wont be long before bacteria and algae will bloom and the pool will turn green, or the kids will start to feel a sore throat.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, so if you haven't already, we'd suggest you bring a sample of your pool water into either of our stores and we'll run it through our specialised water analysis program, provide you with a customised report, and let you know what you need to do to ensure a healthy, clean, crystal clear pool for the school holidays, and the warmer Spring months.

Alternatively, if life's too busy, give us a call and book one of our Pool Technicians to visit.   We'll give the pool a thorough service which includes a water test & balance, as well as cleaning the skimmer & pump baskets, cleaning the filter, vacuuming the pool (if required), as well as brushing the steps and water line, and leaf raking the pool.  We'll also run a professional eye over your filtration equipment and advise any concerns.   But be quick, at this time of year our available spots are booking out fast.

Finally, don't forget to keep your pool water topped up.  Our tips to avoid overflowing your pool when you top it up:
1. Set the timer on your phone to remind you to turn the hose off.
2. Allow the hose to run into the pool so you can hear the splash.  This will remind you that the hose is running.

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