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Automated acid dosing reduces the risk of handling pool acid

24 June 2019

With lots of interest last week regarding the risks of handling pool chemicals, we thought that in this week's website story we would expand on the use of Acid as a chemical that is often used to balance pool water, to ensure clean and healthy water.   Unfortunately, Hydrochloric Acid is classified as a Hazardous Chemical, it is corrosive, can burn and severely damage the skin and eyes, and can cause respiratory irritation.   Basically it's nasty stuff and needs to be handled correctly to avoid harm.

If you are new to pool care you might not know that the addition of Hydrochloric Acid to the pool water is the most common means of maintaining the pH of the water at the correct level.  
While the optimum pH for pool water is 7.4 to 7.6, we often see some worrying results from time to time when testing water for clients in the store.   By far the majority of pools on the Gold Coast use saltwater chlorination as the means of sanitising the pool.  We find this the most cost effective and efficient means of keeping the pool water clean and healthy.   Nonetheless, a side effect is that the hypochlorous gas which is produced by the chlorinator to sanitise the pool has a high pH, and therefore, the pH of the water is constantly being raised by the chlorinator.

A pH above 8.0 is quite high and means that the water is "Basic".  The ramifications of such a high pH is that the sanitiser (i.e.  chlorine gas) is far less effective when the pool water has a higher pH, and therefore the chance of algae growing in the pool is greater.   Furthermore, at a pH of 7.4 to 7.6, the water is comfortable to swim in, as this is a similar pH to the fluid in the human body.  At a higher pH, the water can be irritating to the eyes and skin.

To keep pool pH at the optimum we recommend that acid be added regularly - at least once per week.  

If you don't like handling acid or have problems keeping up the routine, you can now automate acid dosage for less money than you might think.

Our best option to automatically add acid to the pool is a Viron Equilibrium Chlorinator which has an in built acid dosing pump which automatically doses acid into the water through the pipework, thereby removing the need (and risks) to manually add the acid to your pool.   Additionally, a pH Probe can be incorporated into this system, which will measure the pH of the water and only activate the acid  dosing pump when the pH rises above the desired level.

For more information about automating your filtration system, call Active Pool Supplies during office hours or drop into either of the stores at Runaway Bay or Bundall for pool care answers from the experts.

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