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Take the risk out of pool care

14 June 2019

When it comes to DIY pool care there is the risk of exposing yourself to chemicals. Whether it's a casual splash or droplet, mixing the smallest amounts of pool chemicals in the worse case scenario is potentially explosive. You might not even know that the combination of the two most popular granular chlorines mixed with a drop of water may explode with the power of a bullet.

Besides that, skin or eye damage can occur from acid droplets. The most common acid that you use in the servicing of pools is hydrochloric acid (often known as muriatic acid). It is of paramount importance to handle this acid safely, which means that it should not be spilled on hands, body, pets, etc.

We also caution people who are asthmatic or suffer from respiratory illness that being around dangerous chemicals is not a good idea. Handling of these chemicals must be carried out with the utmost in care and attention. If you find yourself inexperienced with the handling of such hazardous materials, it is advised that you seek the assistance of a qualified and trained pool service technician.

For a very affordable price, Active Pool Supplies can check and balance your pool chemicals, handling any hazardous pool materials on your behalf. That's protection for you and peace of mind that your pool is being cared for safely.

Call Active Pool Supplies during office hours to ask about our VIP Pool Regular Service on 07 5537 3341.

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