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Keep your pool water topped up

11 September 2019

Given that we have not had much rain lately, and the temperature is heating up, it's vital that you keep your pool water topped up.
We would like this message to get to our VIP Regular Service customers, in particular. If we arrive to service the pool, and the level of the water is too low, we are limited in our ability to thoroughly service the pool. In particular, if the water level is too low, we can't backwash & rinse the filter, which will likely result in a green pool. Further, if the level drops below the bottom of the skimmer, the pump will run without water, and be damaged as a result ($$ to repair or replace). Alternatively, if the system has a safety cut out, whilst the pump will be saved, the pool will go green if the filtration system is off for too long.

If you are a customer of our VIP Regular Service the service technician won't have enough time to do everything he or she needs to do and fill your pool.

Our tips to avoid overflowing your pool when you top it up:
- Set the timer on your phone to remind you to turn the hose off.
- Allow the hose to run into the pool so you can hear the splash. This will remind you that the hose is running.

Keep your pool at the correct level so the kids and your pool service

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