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04 April 2019

At Active Pool Supplies we like to treat your pool like its our own, and so we encourage pool owners to simplify and better maintain their pool with an eQuilibrium Chlorinator.

To ensure the chlorine produced by your chlorinator is effective in destroying bacteria and algae, and so that the pool water is comfortable to swim in, the pH of the pool water needs to be within the range 7.4 to 7.6.   The EQ Chlorinator and pH Probe measures the pH of the pool water and automatically doses acid to maintain the correct pH.

Right now is a great time to consider the eQuilibrium Chlorinator as until the 31 May 2019 you can purchase an eQuilibrium Chlorinator and get a FREE pH probe (normally $419).

What makes this offer really great value is the eQulibrium Chlorinator:
- Creates chlorine reliably to keep your pool clean and clear
- Supercapacitor maintains settings if the power is cut
- Cuts the power to the pump if the pump runs out of water (avoids costly pump repairs)
- pH probe monitors the pH and adds Pool Acid to your pool automatically.
- 5 year full warranty on the Cell and pro rata warranty on the Power Pack

Upgrade your pool's sanitising system with an eQuilibrium Chlorinator and get a FREE pH probe.

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