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Is it time you upgraded your Pool Pump? Here are 50 reasons why.

09 November 2018

Have you still got the same old standard pump running your pool?  Chances are it's costing you $1,000 per year in power costs as old pumps are less efficient particularly when old brushes, bearings and windings are worn and over heating.

A power hungry worn pump burning out this summer is the last thing you want!

Take advantage of this great offer from leader in the pool pump industry, Viron. Their pumps are state of the art, high efficiency and come with a 3 year warranty.

You may save up to $750 ANNUALLY on your power bills with a 9 star energy efficient Viron Pump.  

What's more, upgrade before the 31st of January 2019, we'll also give you a $50 Eftpos Gift card that you can spend anywhere in Australia.

Upgrade, save $100's and treat yourself - Your pool, your family and your power bill will say thanks!

Before upgrading, have your questions answered by calling the super pool care team at Active Pool Supplies on 5537 3341.

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