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Pool Water Testing with Liqua Pool Software

At Active Pool Supplies we utilise sophisticated water testing & pool servicing software which is state-of-the-art.

Our Liqua Pool Software securely stores all details of your pool such as pool volume, pool surface, filtration equipment and sanitising system.

Water Analysis

The Water Test software utilises a photometer based spin system to provide accurate analysis of a multitude of critical pool water elements. Combined with your pool details, the system generates a water analysis report with advice and instructions to re-balance your water.

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This Analysis can be printed, or emailed and is retained on file to store your historical data, which can assist future diagnosis.

Our Water Testing Ethos

At Active Pool Supplies we are more than willing to test your pool water at no charge, and to provide you the benefit of our significant pool and chemical knowledge, attained through years of experience and significant ongoing staff training. Furthermore, for each water test we are willing to expend a spin disc (cost $3.95) and provide a printout, or email, with the analysis and suggested remedies documented for you. Accordingly, we consider it fair and reasonable to expect that if you avail yourself of our service, you will purchase your required chemicals from us, rather than elsewhere. In the event that we consider that your intentions do not accord with this ethos, we will respectfully decline to offer this service, and we will advise you to take your water sample elsewhere for analysis and advice.

Pool Servicing History

When our Pool Technician visits your pool, details of your pool equipment are recorded, and photos are uploaded to assist future queries and problem diagnosis. Our system retains detailed records of all your pool services, including water test results, chemicals & parts added, and equipment repairs or replacements, allowing our technicians and office staff to make accurate & timely decisions and reduce the level of inconvenience and cost to you.

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