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Interior Resurfacing

Concrete pools

Resurfacing your pool will extend its life and add a great deal of value to your home too. Following are the characteristics of the common resurfacing methods:

Resurfacing Method



  • 20+ years surface life
  • The most economical long-term option
  • 2mm pebbles provide a smooth under-foot feel
  • Can create a variety of pool colours

'Jewels 4 Pools'

Jewels 4 Pools

  • Similar to Pebblecrete but uses smooth glass beads instead of pebbles
  • 20+ years surface life
  • An extensive range of colours
  • Provides a shimmer effect

Fully Tiled

Fully Tiled

  • A premium pool surface
  • Unlimited colour range
  • The most durable pool surface
  • Very smooth under-foot
  • More tolerant to poor water chemistry



  • Low cost, short term solution
  • Expected life span of approximately five years

Fibreglass and Vinyl lined pools

We can help with resurfacing fiberglass and vinyl lined pools too. Contact us for advice.

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