Pool and Spa Heaters 

There are several options for pool and spa heaters, and different types will suit different applications.  

Gas Heaters 

Gas heaters are great if you need fast heat up times and particularly if you have natural gas connected.

Electric Heaters 

Electric heaters are cheaper to purchase, but more expensive to run and are predominately suited to spas. 

Heat Pumps 

Heat pumps are the most efficient (the power output is 4-5 times the power input), but are slower to heat the pool. These are a good option if you are heating a larger body of water such as a pool, or if you intend to keep your pool or spa hot for periods of a week or longer. 

How pool blankets can help 

All types of pool heaters will cost approximately 50% less to run if you have a blanket on the pool.   Every pool is different, but as a rough guide the average 40,000L pool with a blanket in place will cost approximately $1200-$1500 per year to maintain at 28 degrees all year. 

When you think about how much it costs to install a pool, and that most people use their pool for less than half of the year, a heater is good value for money!

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