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At Active Pool Supplies, we go out of our way to be the number 1 pool cleaners Oyster Cove and pool supplies shop on the Gold Coast.

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  2. At Active Pool Supplies our ethos is do pool cleaning as if it were our own.
  3. We are always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our clients.
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  5. We have recruited and trained the best talent, and we have more than 200 years of combined pool service expertise in our team.
  6. With so many years of pool experience there is nothing we have not seen. Nothing.
pool cleaner Oyster Cove

Professional Pool Cleaners Oyster Cove

We already service a good number of pools in Oyster Cove and have a large fleet of mobile pool service technicans who can call on you in Oyster Cove.

Quality Supplies and Equipment

Over a long period of time we’ve identified the best equipment and suppliers in the Australian pool industry. You can trust that we hand pick quality products that offer value for money with the involvement of management and private ownership.

  • Pool Cleaners Oyster Cove
  • VIP Regular Pool Cleaning Oyster Cove
  • Detection of pool leaks Oyster Cove and repairs
  • Green pool clean up
  • Repair and installations
  • Pool stain correction
  • Renovation of pools Oyster Cove
  • Commercial Pool and Body Corporate Pool Service
  • In store sales of supplies
  • Sales of pool equipment
  • Come in store for water testing utilising state of the art analysis software
  • Supply of pool chemicals Oyster Cove
  • Sales and advice on pool pumps
  • Advice on heating
  • Cleaning equipment and accessories
  • Spare parts for pool equipment
  • Pool blankets and rollers
  • Pool games and slides
  • Advice and sales of filters
  • Sales and advice for pool robots and automation
pool cleaners Oyster Cove

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Take the hassle out of pool maintenance. Check out our on-site VIP Regular Pool Service. We visit your suburb.

Active Pool Supplies pool servicing Oyster Cove

Wonder which professional pool cleaning service looks after the most pools in Oyster Cove, Gold Coast? Active Pool Supplies is regularly in the Oyster Cove and looks after these pools in your area. Why aren't you using Active Pool Supplies for your pool service?

Street Pool Type Pool Surface Pool Size (L) Latest Service
Oyster Cove Promenade, Oyster Cove Luxury Pool Pebble-crete 44800 2018

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Stop My Pool Water From Being Cloudy?

When your swimming pool is healthy, you should be able to identify small objects on the floor of the pool with ease. Your pool water can become cloudy, however, if particulates are able to build-up in your pool. Clean, clear water should be circulated by pool pump through your pool filter, which is responsible for capturing these particulates and preventing cloudy pool water. Sadly, when your pool filter suffers from being dirty or full, or the media is old and struggling to adequately filter, it might not be able to clean your water correctly, allowing for particulate build-ups to form. Microscopic algae growing in improperly sanitised water is a common source of these particulates, as is dirt and dust from the area surrounding the pool. Improperly balanced water may adversely impact the sanitiser, and can also alter the state of the chemicals present in the water from liquid to solid, and both of these consequences can then also affect the clarity of the water. If you need help with pool cleaning in Oyster Cove, you can call Active Pool Supplies on (07) 5537 3341.

Are The Maintenance Requirements For Saltwater Pools Simpler Than Other Pools?

It's really rather simple to maintain a saltwater pool. Any saltwater pool is dependant on a saltwater chlorinator. Salt (sodium chloride) that has been added to the pool water is used by the chlorinator's salt cell to produce a hypochlorous gas via electrolysis, with the ultimate product being chlorinated water. This chlorine has a sanitising effect on the water of your pool, killing bacteria and stopping the growth of algae. An in-built timer inside of the chlorinator will control the pool pump run time. However, it's important to remember that a chlorinator itself cannot automatically maintain the correct level of chlorine necessary for your pool, so you'll still need to manually test the chlorine in your water and adjust the level by either altering the chlorinator output or the run time of the pump. You will also need to test the amount of salt in the pool water, and periodically add salt, according to the level required by the brand/model of the chlorinator. Salt can only exit the pool alongside water, via things like splashes and backwashes; it is not consumed by the chlorinator. You will also need to measure other elements of the balance of the water and make the necessary adjustments. In-built acid dosing, pH, and chlorine probes are options available in smarter saltwater chlorinators, which can go a long way towards automating this process.

Saltwater pools are much easier to maintain than liquid chlorine pools (and liquid chlorine is also a hazardous material), as there is no requirement to be constantly adding this dangeous chemical. Ionised pools use dissolved metals to sanitise the pool, which increases the risk of metal plating on the walls of the pool - saltwater pools don't use metals as the sanitiser, so this risk is reduced.

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