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With the goal of maintaining our position as the number 1 pool cleaners Sorrento and pool supplies shop on the Gold Coast you can appreciate that each member of our team are on the look out for you.

  1. Courteous Service
  2. At Active Pool Supplies our ethos is do pool cleaning as if it were our own.
  3. We are always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our clients.
  4. Depth of Knowledge
  5. We have recruited and trained the best talent, and we have more than 200 years of combined pool service expertise in our team.
  6. With so many years of pool experience there is nothing we have not seen. Nothing.
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The choice for Pools Cleaners Sorrento

We already service a good number of pools in Sorrento and have a large fleet of mobile pool service technicans who can call on you in Sorrento.

Quality Supplies and Equipment

Drawing on our experience we know the best equipment and suppliers, and we can make the right recommendation for your pool. Active Pool Supplies is privately owned which means that management and ownership take care to pick quality products that provide value for money.

  • Onsite pool cleaners Sorrento
  • VIP Regular Pool Cleaning Sorrento
  • Pool Leak detection and repairs
  • Cleaning up green pools
  • Pool repairs Sorrento and pool equipment installation
  • Treatment of pool stains
  • Pool renovators Sorrento
  • Commercial Pool and Body Corporate Pool Service
  • In store sales of supplies
  • Equipment sales
  • Water testing using state of the art software
  • Supply of pool chemicals Sorrento
  • Advice and sales of pool pumps
  • Pool heating advice
  • Pool cleaning equipment supplies
  • Pool equipment spare parts
  • Blankets and rollers
  • Slides and games
  • Advice and sales of filters
  • Pool robots advice and sales
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Active Pool Supplies pool servicing Sorrento

Wonder which professional pool cleaning service looks after the most pools in Sorrento, Gold Coast? Active Pool Supplies is regularly in the Sorrento and looks after these pools in your area. Why aren't you using Active Pool Supplies for your pool service?

Street Pool Type Pool Surface Pool Size (L) Latest Service
Aberdeen Avenue, Sorrento Luxury Pool Concrete 44000 2019
Laurel Court, Sorrento Family Pool Epoxy 50000 2019
Tosti Street, Sorrento Luxury Pool Fibreglass 1500 2019
Lothian Avenue, Sorrento Family Pool Marblesheen 55000 2019
McLeary Street, Sorrento Family Pool Marblesheen 50000 2018
Platypus Avenue, Sorrento Family Pool Marblesheen 35000 2018
Balmoral Avenue, Sorrento Family Pool Pebble-crete 35000 2019
Binda Place, Sorrento Family Pool Pebble-crete 50000 2018
Claymore Crescent, Sorrento Family Pool Pebble-crete 50000 2019
Donegal Crescent, Sorrento Lap Pool Pebble-crete 40000 2019
Dunbarton Avenue, Sorrento Family Pool Pebble-crete 40000 2019
Emu Court, Sorrento Family Pool Pebble-crete 50400 2018
Freyburg Street, Sorrento Luxury Pool Pebble-crete 65000 2018
Kerry Court, Sorrento Family Pool Pebble-crete 56300 2019
Mackay Close, Sorrento Standard Pool Pebble-crete 50000 2019
Panitz Street, Sorrento Family Pool Pebble-crete 60000 2019
San Remo Boulevard, Sorrento Standard Pool Pebble-crete 50000 2017
St Moritz Terrace, Sorrento Lap Pool Pebble-crete 40000 2019
Wombat Court, Sorrento Family Pool Pebble-crete 50000 2019
Aran Court, Sorrento Family Pool Tiled 50000 2019
Argyle Crescent, Sorrento Luxury Pool Tiled 55000 2018
Marseille Court, Sorrento Family Pool Tiled 90000 2019
Saywell Street, Sorrento Plunge Pool Tiled 1800 2019
St Tropez Terrace, Sorrento Family Pool Tiled 70300 2017

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pool Water Kill Grass?

Most pools on the Gold Coast use a saltwater chlorinator to sanitise the pool. In very simple terms, this chlorinator converts salt to chlorine to keep your pool clean and healthy. Over the years, our team of pool specialists has seen the damage the resultant high amounts of salt and concentrated chlorine can do to a lawn. Thankfully, protecting your lawn from this damage doesn't have to be difficult, as all you'll need to do is make sure you avoid spilling any salt onto your lawn, and that the pool's chlorine levels are kept in check. Call our team on (07) 5537 3341 today if you've got any questions about pool care in Sorrento.

Are Pool Lights Low Voltage?

Yes. Pool lights are low voltage and therefore safe to have in your pool. To make sure they are only using safe voltage levels, a transformer is used to ensure they use about 12 volts. Remote control and colour-changing functionality are features you can expect of modern LED pool lights, and our team can help you find a set that's right for you. Call our team today on (07) 5537 3341 if you have any questions about pool care in Sorrento.

Is Your Pool Safer If You Have A Pool Cover?

You should not rely on a pool cover to keep you or anyone else safe around the pool. Swimming pool safety laws are very prescriptive in detailing fencing and other safety matters. If your pool is protected by just a pool cover, accidents can still happen. Call our team on (07) 5537 3341 or visit us in-store at our Bundall and Runaway Bay locations to answer any questions you may have about pool covers or pool safety in the Gold Coast.

How Do I Stop Algae From Growing In My Pool?

In order for your pool to be healthy and balanced, appropriate levels of sanitiser must be present. This is typically accomplished with chlorine, which will destroy algae and most other bacteria & small organisms in the water. Pool owners have several choices when they need to decide how they would like to chlorinate their pool. The standard used to be constant vigilance, with pool owners needing to manually add chlorine to their pool water with a clockwork consistency. Modern Sorrento pool owners, however, can save time by using a saltwater chlorinator with their filtration system. The chlorinator cell uses electrolysis to add salt to the pool water, creating a soluble hypochlorous gas that sanitises the pool water by removing algae and bacteria. You'll need to keep your pool water well balanced to ensure the chlorine is able to work effectively. Additionally, the water must be filtered adequately so that dead algae and bacteria is captured in the filter and periodically removed from the water when the filter is cleaned. Good water flow throughout the pool is helpful, as is periodic brushing/cleaning of the walls and floor of the pool to remove dirt, dust and other debris.

Is It Bad For My Pool To Greatly Alter It's Chemical Balance Too Quickly?

Owning a pool can be hard work, requiring constant maintenance and upkeep. As a result, it can be tempting to try to speed up the process in any way possible, but when it comes to keeping your pool's chemicals balanced, that may not be possible. With some help from Active Pool Supplies, you'll be able to maintain the chemical balance in your pool using the best practices possible, ensuring it remains healthy for longer. If you need pool care in Sorrento, you can reach out team by calling (07) 5537 3341.

Don't alter the chemical balance of your pool in a single, large pass. Make smaller changes instead by using smaller amounts of chemicals in any one attempt. After these changes have been made, test the water once you've left it to rest for a few hours with the filter running. You can repeat this process until you're satisfied with the results, which may not be the case for large changes. By adding large amounts of chemicals to your pool at once, it's possible that you'll make significant changes that will be difficult to correct. If you're trying to maintain the chemical balance of your pool, you should avoid making large changes all at once.

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