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Pool Servicing Hollywell

At Active Pool Supplies, we go out of our way to be the number 1 provider of pool supplies and services on the Gold Coast.

  1. Courteous Service
  2. At Active Pool Supplies our ethos is to treat your pool as if it were our own.
  3. We are always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our clients.
  4. Expert Knowledge
  5. We have recruited and trained the best talent, and we have more than 200 years of combined pool service expertise in our team.
  6. With so many years of pool experience there is nothing we have not seen. Nothing.

Servicing Pools in Hollywell

At Active Pool Supplies we have a large fleet of pool service technicans which means that we have your pool service needs covered in Hollywell.

Quality Equipment And Supplies

Drawing on our experience we know the best equipment and suppliers, and we can make the right recommendation for your pool. Active Pool Supplies is privately owned which means that management and ownership take care to pick quality products that provide value for money.

  • Pool Service Hollywell
  • VIP Regular Pool Service Hollywell
  • Pool Leak detection and repairs
  • Green pool clean up
  • Installation and repairs
  • Treatment of pool stains
  • Pool renovations Hollywell
  • Commercial Pool and Body Corporate Pool Service
  • Sales of supplies in store
  • Pool equipment sales
  • Bring in your water samples for analysis using state of the art software
  • Chemical supplies Hollywell
  • Advice and sales of swimming pool pumps
  • Pool heating advice
  • Pool cleaning equipment supplies
  • Spare parts
  • Rollers and pool blankets
  • Pool games and slides
  • Sales of pool filters
  • Sales and advice for pool robots and automation

Pool Shop

Check out our filtration equipment, pool chemicals & other cool pool stuff available in our stores.


Does your pool need a facelift? We have extensive experience renovating pools in your suburb.

VIP Pool Service

Take the hassle out of pool maintenance. Check out our on-site VIP Regular Pool Service. We visit your suburb.

Active Pool Supplies pool servicing Hollywell

Wonder which professional pool cleaning service looks after the most pools in Hollywell, Gold Coast? Active Pool Supplies is regularly in the Hollywell and looks after these pools in your area. Why aren't you using Active Pool Supplies for your pool service?

Street Pool Type Pool Surface Pool Size (L) Latest Service
Sapphire Street, Hollywell Family Pool Concrete 50000 2019
Sapphire Street, Hollywell Family Pool Concrete 55000 2019
Camelot Crescent, Hollywell Family Pool Fibreglass 35000 2019
Columbus Drive, Hollywell Luxury Pool Fibreglass 50000 2019
Walter Raleigh Crescent, Hollywell Family Pool Fibreglass 30000 2019
Camelot Crescent, Hollywell Standard Pool Marblesheen 50000 2019
Poinsettia Avenue, Hollywell Family Pool Marblesheen 45000 2019
Anemone Avenue, Hollywell Family Pool Pebble-crete 40000 2018
Bayview Street, Hollywell Standard Pool Pebble-crete 20000 2019
Bayview Street, Hollywell Family Pool Pebble-crete 35000 2019
Bayview Street, Hollywell Lap Pool Pebble-crete 20000 2019
Columbus Drive, Hollywell Family Pool Pebble-crete 55000 2019
Dirk Hartog Place, Hollywell Luxury Pool Pebble-crete 69600 2019
Howard Street, Hollywell Luxury Pool Pebble-crete 50000 2019
Magellan Avenue, Hollywell Luxury Pool Pebble-crete 60000 2017
Marco Polo Place, Hollywell Standard Pool Pebble-crete 50000 2019
Primrose Court, Hollywell Family Pool Pebble-crete 60000 2019
Sapphire Street, Hollywell Standard Pool Pebble-crete 45000 2018
Topaz Court, Hollywell Standard Pool Pebble-crete 50000 2019
Van Dieman Place, Hollywell Family Pool Pebble-crete 60000 2019
Van Diemen Place, Hollywell Luxury Pool Pebble-crete 50000 2019
Dirk Hartog Place, Hollywell Luxury Pool Tiled 35300 2019
James Cook Esplanade, Hollywell Family Pool Tiled 35000 2019
Topaz Court, Hollywell Family Pool Tiled 18000 2019

Did you know this about Hollywell?

When it comes to choosing the right equipment for your pool in Hollywell, our award-winning team here in Active Pool Supplies is what you need. We will be giving advice and reports on what you should do to maintain the health and the crystal-clear water of your pool in your front yard.

Facing east to the Broadwater and is the suburb of Hollywell. It is situated 10 km north of Southport. It is also surrounded by suburbs Runaway Bay, Coombabah and Paradise Point. It was named after a 50-a property in front of the Broadwater. The said property was originally a scrubland bought by Joseph Proud in 1890. Proud served a long term as he was elected as Southport's Mayor and Councillor.

Around the 1950s, there were 650 allotments in the Pacific Gardens estate that were marketed but unsuccessful. A canal estate was also proposed in 1987.

Houses in the suburbs are separate. Townhouses are also present in the area. A shopping centre is located between Bayview Road and the Runaway Bay Marina.

For you pool equipment needs in Hollywell, you gotta call Active Pool Supplies now. We only sell high-quality products perfect for cleaning your pool. We have a shop near you located at Runaway Bay Centre, Lae Drive, Runaway Bay.

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