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At Active Pool Supplies, we go out of our way to be the number 1 pool cleaners Chevron Island and pool supplies shop on the Gold Coast.

  1. Courteous Service
  2. Our ethos at Active Pool Supplies is to do your pool cleaning as if it were our own.
  3. You can trust that we are always on the look out for the best outcomes for our clients.
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  5. With a commitment to training the most talented and experienced team, we have accrued 200+ years of combined pool service expertise.
  6. So many years of experience means that there is little that we have not experienced or resolved.
pool cleaner Chevron Island

Professional Pool Cleaners Chevron Island

We already service a good number of pools in Chevron Island and have a large fleet of mobile pool service technicans who can call on you in Chevron Island.

Quality Equipment And Supplies

Drawing on our experience we know the best equipment and suppliers, and we can make the right recommendation for your pool. Active Pool Supplies is privately owned which means that management and ownership take care to pick quality products that provide value for money.

  • Pools Cleaner in Chevron Island
  • VIP Regular Pool Cleaning Chevron Island
  • Detection of pool leaks Chevron Island and repairs
  • Green pool clean up
  • Pool repairs Chevron Island and pool equipment installation
  • Pool Stain treatments
  • Renovation of pools Chevron Island
  • Commercial Pool and Body Corporate Pool Service
  • Sales of pool supplies in store
  • Sales of pool equipment
  • Water testing using state of the art software
  • Supply of pool chemicals Chevron Island
  • Sales and advice on pool pumps
  • Advice about pool heating
  • Cleaning equipment and accessories
  • Pool equipment spare parts
  • Blankets and rollers
  • Pool Slides and games
  • Advice and sales of filters
  • Sales and advice for pool robots and automation
pool cleaners Chevron Island

pool services Chevron Island

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pool cleaner Chevron Island

pool services Chevron Island

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Wonder which professional pool cleaning service looks after the most pools in Chevron Island, Gold Coast? Active Pool Supplies is regularly in the Chevron Island and looks after these pools in your area. Why aren't you using Active Pool Supplies for your pool service?

Street Pool Type Pool Surface Pool Size (L) Latest Service
Stanhill Drive, Chevron Island Lap Pool Marblesheen 40000 2019

 Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes My Pool Water Cloudy?

Your swimming pool should be clear enough to see a small object on the floor of the pool easily and with good clarity. Your pool water can become cloudy, however, if particulates are able to build-up in your pool. Generally, these particulates are captured by your filter, and clean, clear water will be circulated back into your pool. However, this can be adversely affected due to a dirty/full or failing filter, or, insufficient turnover of water (how often the water in the pool passes through the filter). Dirt and dust can easily find their way from the surrounding area into your pool, making them a common origin for these particulates, as are the microscopic algae that grow in inadequately sanitised water. Improperly balanced water may adversely impact the sanitiser, and can also alter the state of the chemicals present in the water from liquid to solid, and both of these consequences can then also affect the clarity of the water. Get in touch with our excellent team at Active Pool Supplies for all pool cleaning in Chevron Island on (07) 5537 3341.

How Do I Stop Algae From Growing In My Pool?

In order for your pool to be healthy and balanced, appropriate levels of sanitiser must be present. You'll commonly want to use chlorine to achieve this, thanks to its ability to kill undesirable elements within your water, including algae, bacteria, and small organisms. Adding chlorine to your pool can be done in a variety of manners. In the past, pool owners would manually dose chlorine in liquid form on a very regular basis. Fortunately, you can save time maintain your Chevron Island pool with a filtration system that utilises a saltwater chlorinator. Electrolysis is used to create a soluble hypochlorous gas by adding salt to pool water as it passes through the chlorinator cell, and this gas is used as the sanitising agent that removes bacteria and algae from your pool. Any chlorine treatment will depend on the pool water being appropriately balanced at an ideal pH level. It's also important that you filter the pool water appropriately, and that you regularly remove dead algae and bacteria from the filter. Cleaning the floors and walls of the pool to remove dirt, dust, and debris is also critical to preventing algae, as is good water flow.

Is It Bad For My Pool To Greatly Alter It's Chemical Balance Too Quickly?

Owning a pool can be hard work, requiring constant maintenance and upkeep. Though you may want to try to speed through your maintenance commitments for your pool wherever you can, you might not be able to rush the process of balancing your pool's chemicals. Fortunately, to learn the best methods of keeping the balance in your pool's chemical levels, you won't need to look any further than Active Pool Supplies. For all pool care in Chevron Island, get in touch with our team on (07) 5537 3341.

Avoid greatly altering the chemical balance of your pool in a single pass wherever possible. Rather, only make small changes by using smaller amounts of chemicals. After these changes have been made, test the water once you've left it to rest for a few hours with the filter running. Using large amounts of chemical in a single pass deprives you of the ability to test the water repeatedly and stop once you've achieved perfection, which you can do after smaller changes. Correcting the influence of large amounts of chemical can be difficult, and so by making large changes all at once, you may find yourself in a tough spot. You'll need to make smaller changes to the chemical balance of your pool in multiple passes to keep it well-kept, instead of a single, larger change.

Do Saltwater Pools Require Less Maintenance?

Saltwater pools are quite easy to maintain. Any saltwater pool is dependant on a saltwater chlorinator. Chlorinated water is produced by dissolving salt (ie sodium chloride) into the pool water and then passing the pool water through the chlorinator's salt cell to create a hypochlorous gas via electrolysis, finally returning the chlorinated water back to the pool's main body of water. It is this chlorine that sanitises the pool, eliminating bacteria and inhibiting algae growth. You'll find the pool pump plugged directly into the chlorinator, because while the chlorinator controls how much chlorine is being produced, plugging the pump directly into the chlorinator allows it to control the operation of the pump as well. However, it's important to remember that a chlorinator itself cannot automatically maintain the correct level of chlorine necessary for your pool, so you'll still need to manually test the chlorine in your water and adjust the level by either altering the chlorinator output or the run time of the pump. There is also a need to test for salt in your pool water, and ensure it is maintained at the appropriate level for your chlorinator. Salt can only exit the pool alongside water, via things like splashes and backwashes; it is not consumed by the chlorinator. There are other adjustments you'll need to make as well, as you will still need to test for other aspects of water balance. A smart saltwater chlorinator may be able to automate your pool care, as it can automatically test and control the pH and chlorine levels of the water using in-built acid dosing with pH and chlorine probes.

Saltwater pools are much easier to maintain than liquid chlorine pools (and liquid chlorine is also a hazardous material), as there is no requirement to be constantly adding this dangeous chemical. In comparison to ionised pools, a saltwater pool does not run the risk of metal plating out on the wall of the pool.

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