Pool Filters

The main types of pool filter used in Australia are Media (sand) and cartridge filters.  

Media (sand) Filters

Media filters are basically a tank filled with either sand, crushed glass or crushed volcanic rock.   Sand is by far the most common, however crushed glass media is growing in popularity due to the fact it filters finer, lasts longer and uses less water when back washing. 
In normal backyard situations, sand should be changed every five years, whereas glass can last up to ten years. Sand filters should be back washed around once per month for most backyard pools.  See our instructional video  if you are unsure how to backwash your filter. 

Remember, never turn the handle on the filter while the pump is running! 

Cartridge Filters 

Cartridge filters are usually less expensive to install and are often used when a waste pipe cannot be connected to the sewer. The downside is that most are more labour intensive to clean, and the cartridge requires replacement about every three years. 


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