Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Until recently, there had been very little change in the design of pool pumps.  However manufacturers recognised that the pool pump was one of the biggest consumers of electricity in most households, and with the cost of electricity rising, they had to react.  The result is a pump motor with an operating speed that can be varied.  The science behind variable speed pumps can be complicated, but the end result is a pump that will turn over the same amount of water using 1/8th of the electricity.  The simple answer as to how this is possible is that the slower you pump the water through the pipes of the pool, the less energy is lost to friction.

The latest in variable speed pumps

The original variable speed pumps had three factory set speeds to choose from, whereas the latest range are completely variable, allowing you to set the speed at the most efficient level to suit your particular pool. The latest range from Astral Pool Australia can also be set to run at different speeds throughout the day for those pools that need a period of time at a higher flow rate to operate the suction cleaner. These pumps include the Viron eVo range  which have an 8 star energy efficient rating.

How much can a variable speed pump save you?

To give you an idea of the possibilities, we have the Viron P600 eVo pump  operating in a tank in our show room, attached to a watt meter.  At 2850 RPM (the speed all non-variable AC pump motors operate at) it uses 1870 Watts per hour.  When we reduce the speed of the motor to 700RPM, the power consumption is reduced to 72 Watts per hour.  Of course the flow rate is also reduced, but only by 1/8 of the reduction of the power consumption. This is achieved because the pressure and friction are dramatically reduced at lower speeds. 

Existing Pump Annual Cost   Viron Replacement  Annual Operating Cost*  Annual Savings Savings over 7 Years Annual Reduction in CO2**
2.0hp $1165  Viron P600 eVo $85 $1080  $7560 5952
1.5hp $890 Viron P320 eVo $92 $798 $5586 4346

* The annual operating cost is based on operating pumps at factory pre-set low speed for 8 hours a day, each day of the year.  Actual operating costs may vary according to the time spend on higher speeds, and the actual speed required to effectively circulate water throughout the pool, filtration and plumbing system.  Information provided by Austral Pool Supplies.

** CO2 at 1.1kg/kW hr.


Visit our online calc ulator to see how much you can save.

For every year you delay changing to an energy efficient pump, the pump has cost you an extra $700.00!


We stock a range of standard and variable speed pumps.  Shop online  or visit our retail stores to find out more. 


* Contact your local electricity provider to check your eligibility.

In most cases, the cost of installing one of these pumps is recovered in less than two years by the savings in electricity. 
With the life span of the average pump around eight years, these pumps could save you $5000.00 over their life when compared to a standard 1.5hp pump.

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