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Angus did the numbers and got Vaccinated

16 June 2021

No matter where you are in the world, Covid-19 has been a life changing event and continues to ravage parts of the world. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of people who have lost loved ones in this once in a 100 year event.

Luckily here in Australia, we have done so very well. An island, an outdoor oriented, distributed population, wearing masks when required are just a couple of the reasons we have Coronavirus on the canvas in the second round.

The majority would agree that the collective "Jabs"  from the Aussie population is the knockout punch. First in line was Angus from the Active Pool Supplies team who stepped up to be at the head of the queue in his cohort to deal a blow to this microscopic killer.

You can trust that as much as we have been at the forefront of safe shopping throughout the pandemic, Active Pool Supplies will be encouraging our staff and customers to vaccinate as soon as possible. This will ensure that we could all return to the very best of what the Gold Coast lifestyle is.

Did you know:
Risk of catching COVID-19 in Australia: 1187 in a million (as at 14/6/21)
Risk of blood clots from smoking:  1763 in a million
Risk of blood clots from birth control pill:  700 in a million
Risk of blood clots from AstraZeneca vaccine in Australia:  15 in a million

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