Casual and regular servicing

Having experts service your pool saves more than just time. 

You will:

  • avoid spending more than you have to on chemicals
  • get faster results
  • prevent costly maintenance issues including green pools
  • have confidence your pool will always looks good and is healthy to swim in
  • ensure that the cause rather than symptom of problems are being treated
  • have peace of mind that your pool is treated right the first time

Our Service

We offer a comprehensive service undertaken by professionals who have years of experience looking after pools.

Here's what we typically include:

  • Testing the chemical balance of your pool
  • The correct application of chemicals as required
  • Cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Leaf raking of the pool
  • Brushing of the steps and waterline
  • Cleaning of the salt cells
  • Cleaning of the filter backwashing and rinsing sand filters or hosing down cartridges
  • Inspection of all filtration equipment for leaks or other problems
  • Checking the working condition of automatic cleaners
  • Vacuuming your pool if required (additional fees apply)
  • To ensure we can accurately diagnose and treat problems, we also maintain a record of your pool's water chemistry.

Our Fees

Regular Service Program

Casual Service

  30 minutes - minimum fee $55.00
$50.00 (based on a ½ hour service) 30 minutes 45 minutes - $77.50
  1 hour - $100.00
  1 hour and 15 minutes - $122.50
  1 hour and 30 minutes - $145.00
Vacuum fee - $22.50  
Chemicals and parts extra  

What our casual and regular service clients say about us

We understand how important it is to have confidence in the people who are maintaining your pool.  Click here  for feedback we have received from our customers over the years. 

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