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07 June 2019

Would you like the comfort of knowing your pool is chemically balanced and the equipment in perfect working order? Active Pool Supplies "VIP Regular Servicing Program" at just $55 monthly lets you relax with the knowledge that your pool is being checked and looked after by a pool professional.

Each one of our technicians has been hand-picked for experience and high levels of customer service, and have undergone our extensive training program, so you can trust in Active Pool Supplies to ensure the health of your pool water, the longevity of your pool's interior surface, and the maintenance of the filtration equipment.

Here are some of the features of our service

Test the chemical balance of the water & add quality chemicals to re-balance
Upload water test results to our online Pool Program (results can be emailed)
Clean the skimmer & pump baskets
Leaf rake the pool & brush steps and waterline
Clean the salt cell and the filter - Backwash & rinse, or hose down the cartridges
Inspect & adjust filtration & cleaning equipment for optimal efficiency
Vacuum the pool (not required if an automatic cleaner is installed)
Maintain digital photos of the pool and filtration equipment for off-site diagnosis
Identify and attend to potential problems in a timely and cost-effective manner

Keep in mind that the low $55 monthly fee excludes chemicals, replacement parts and equipment.

Do you keep spending a fortune on your pool every 3 months to keep it clean? Save time and hassle with a monthly visit from Active Pool Supplies.

To have your pool professionally maintained on a regular basis is a wise investment, particularly if your lifestyle and lack of knowledge make it difficult to do yourself.  The cost to clean up a green pool can run into the hundreds, and the repair or replacement of poorly maintained equipment can add thousands in unexpected expense.   Plus there's the value that comes from peace of mind, knowing your pool's under control.

Call Active Pool Supplies on (07) 5537 3341 during office hours to ask about our VIP Pool Service (from Robina in the South to Coomera in the North.

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