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School Pool gets a Thorough Vacuum to Waste

Following the huge rains earlier in the month, one of the school swimming pools we support copped a bit of a hammering, with a heap of soil running into the pool.  There was soil on the floor of the pool and suspended throughout the water.   Obviously, not an ideal situation for the budding potential Olympic swimmers at the school.

Active Pool Supplies was called in to remedy the situation.

APS immediately jumped into action by balancing the water and then added a clarifier to the water.   This clarifier joins all the suspended particles in the water together and because they are now combined and heavier than the water, the debris sinks to the floor of the pool.

With the debris on the floor of the pool, we can then vacuum up the dirt & debris, but rather than having the water go through the filter (not a good idea to put the dirt into your filter), we divert the water to Waste, so that the vacuumed debris goes straight down the drain.

Once the vacuuming is complete, the water is redirected back through the filter, and the sanitiser level is checked and adjusted to ensure clean and healthy water, free of any bacteria.  The water continues to filter, as normal, and very soon afterward we give the filters a clean to remove the last of the fine debris.

Problem solved, and the budding Olympians are back on their path to future glory.

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