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What do I do about ducks living in my pool?

Wonder what to do about ducks in your pool? If you are looking for an answer that brings no harm to our feathered friends, there are a couple of options.

One of our customers at Arundel has been trying to deal with ducks in her pool for some time. The house backs onto a reserve and is very near to the golf course in Arundel - there is plenty of natural habitat, but for some reason, the ducks prefer the comfort of nice clean and balanced pool water!

While ducks in your pool are interesting, they aren't a good idea. Basically, they are going to poop in your pool and that is not good for the chemistry. What's more, those droppings contain nasties like E. Coli and Cryptosporidium which can make you quite ill if you come in contact with them. Poop around the pool surrounds is not pleasant on the eye, dries hard and is not much fun between the toes either.

The initial treatment to deal with ducks in the pool is using a product called No More Ducks. This additive includes a formulation that breaks the surface tension of the water, and when the ducks land on it, they feel like they are sinking, and they don't like it. The theory is that they leave in search of more duck-friendly water.

Unfortunately for our Arundel customer, the No More Ducks product does not last forever, and the continual return of ducks meant a more permanent solution was desired.

As a result, Active Pool Supplies installed a new pool blanket and roller on the pool, thereby removing the attraction for the ducks to visit. Additional benefits of the blanket are that the customer is saving on water, given that pool blankets reduce evaporation by up to 97%, and the pool tends to need fewer chemicals to re-balance the water.

Happy customer.

No harm.

Ducks Departed.

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