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The Magic of Automated Pool Heating

15 July 2021

 by Angus Donald

When one of our VIP regular customers enquired about heating their pool, our onsite assessment uncovered a few hurdles to overcome:  

- The pool with attached spa was in a waterfront location, exposed to high winds.    
- The pool was a semi-circle shape, making a traditional pool blanket impractical to retain the heat in the pool
- The large volume of the pool meant a large capacity heater was required, and
- The space available for the heater was somewhat limited.  

Undeterred by the obstacles, we formulated a plan that would allow the pool and spa to be used all year round.  
The plan was to utilize the heater on the pool to extend the swimming season, and create the ability to isolate the spa so it could be heated independently to a steamy 38 degrees, even throughout the depths of Winter.  

Given the limited space, the heater was able to be mounted above the existing filtration equipment (heavy duty brackets - problem solved).   A three-phase electrical circuit was installed to accommodate the appropriately sized heater, and the solar panels on the roof significantly offset the power costs.   Finally, a number of valves on the filtration system were automated ... and this is where the real magic happened!

An INSNRG Vi Automation system was installed.   Now, instead of the pool owner having to physically go to the filtration system and alter valves and settings by hand (a confusing task for the lay person), he can do it all automatically, simply and easily from a touch of his phone using the "In Touch Pool Automation" App, from anywhere in the world!  

Want the spa hot for when you get home from a long day at work?  Jump on the App, press the button.  Sorted!   The system even controls the chlorine and pH levels automatically, leaving one less thing for the owner to worry about as he and his wife lay back with a glass of champagne in the steaming hot spa.

This APS client couldn't be happier and is now getting twice as much use from his pool as he ever has.
If you want to consider your pool heating options, and potentially increasing the use of your pool by 100%, give APS a call now.  

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