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Save your water, chemicals and warm your pool with a pool blanket

21 January 2021

 by Angus Donald

As you can imagine that's even more important during the Summer months as temperatures rise, the days grow longer and the sun is high overhead.

Back in June 2020 we wrote about how you can stop 95% of pool evaporation with the use of a pool blanket.

Seems that our prior story struck a chord as we have had a steady number of customers calling upon us from across the Gold Coast to supply and install Pool Blankets in the past few months.

Let's revisit the reasons why Pool Blankets make so much sense

As already noted, pool blankets stop the majority of evaporation - in the region of 95% actually. This means that your pool level will stay static for long periods of time. Get used to the idea that you will be topping up your pool less frequently.

Save on chemicals
That's right, with less evaporation, your pool's chemical balance will stay in check for longer. Fewer trips to Active Pool Supplies and fewer chemical top ups. As much as we like to see you drop in, we have your best interests at heart.

Trap the warmth when it's needed.
Evaporation, as we will experience when we sweat, cools things down and that goes for your pool too. Even though we have such a wonderful climate, there are times when your pool's cool, so keeping in the warmth is well worth doing.

Keeping out leaves
Finally, a pool blanket will help prevent leaves and other vegetation getting into or sinking in your pool. That means a pool that's cleaner and clearer when you pull back the covers.

Check out the featured video here of the Daisy Pool cover & Roller, complete with it's optional Electric Motor in action. The best way to find out more is come into either of our pool shops, Active Pool Supplies Bundall and Active Pool Supplies Runaway Bay, or call us on 07 5537 3341.

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