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Save On Your Water Bills - Pool Blankets Reduce Evaporation By 95%

08 June 2020

 by Angus Donald

At this time of year, we get several calls from customers concerned that the level of water in their pool is dropping more than usual.   As we know, if the level of the water falls below the skimmer, the pump can run without water which can wreck the pump ($$$).  Additionally, if the water isn't filtering, it can turn green and require extra chemicals to treat the algae ($$$).

In most cases, the cause of the water loss is simply evaporation.   Everyone knows that evaporation is just the process of liquid forming into vapor. But, how does that fit in with your swimming pool? Evaporation occurs whenever wind or air is exposed to the surface of your pool.  Therefore, this applies to every pool, all the time.  Water molecules rise to the surface, form into a vapor and eventually get released into the air.  Wind across the surface of the water tends to create the greatest amount of evaporation, and there's been quite a bit of wind lately.

The best way to prevent evaporation is by installing a Pool Blanket.   Studies show that pool blankets will reduce evaporation by up to 95%.
In addition to preventing pool water evaporating, pool blankets also keep the warmth inside your pool.  Whilst your pool is losing water through evaporation, it will also lose a lot of the heat generated by your heat pump (if you have one).   A Pool Blanket traps the heat inside the pool and reduces the energy demand on your heater, saving significantly on power costs.   Finally, owning a pool blanket reduces the number of chemicals you're using, reduces the debris in your pool, and may also reduce the amount of time you need to operate your pump and filter.

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