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Aaron takes the plunge and converts his pool to Mineral Swim

02 December 2020

 by Angus Donald

With all the talk and positive feedback from customers who have decided to convert their pools to "Mineral Swim" (i.e. Dead Sea Minerals with Ozone Sanitation), our very own Bundall Store Manager, Aaron, decided to take the plunge and convert his own pool at Bundall.

Step 1.  Empty the pool.  
Aaron's pool has been operating as a salt pool, with the required quantity of salt in the water to allow the chlorinator to produce chlorine to sanitise the pool. Whilst Aaron could have retained the salt, and added the Dead Sea Minerals to the salt water, he made the decision to empty the pool and remove the salt altogether, so that his swimming experience would be entirely "mineral".

Step 2.  Refill the pool and install the Ozone 2000 Series
Aaron re-filled the pool from mains water which will only cost him $165 on his next council water rates bill.
He has now replaced his standard chlorinator with the Ozone Swim 2000 Series Water Purification system. This unit still provides chlorine to sanitise the water, but also adds Ozone to the water. This will allow Aaron to reduce the amount of chlorine needed in his pool. Ozone is a super powerful oxidiser, 3,500 times faster at killing bacteria than chlorine and able to destroy the nasty by-product of chlorine (chloramines/combined chlorine) that will irritate the skin and eyes when you swim.

Step 3.  Add the Dead Sea Minerals to the water
Aaron adds 20 x 10kg bags of Dead Sea Minerals to achieve the recommended mineral content in the water. Dead Sea Minerals are 100% natural and rich in magnesium which has many well documented health benefits. Magnesium is an incredible natural muscle relaxant making it fantastic for aches & pains, muscular recovery post sporting activity and reducing anxiety. It will also make your pool water feel soft & silky leaving the skin and hair feeling nourished and moisturised.  

Step 4.  Re-balance the pool water
Finally, Aaron takes a sample of his water and tests it in the shop.  He balances the water, as usual, with the normal buffer, calcium and pool acid.
Aaron now gets the benefits of a mineral swim pool:

More about Mineral Swim

For more information about switching your pool to Mineral Swim for a more luxurious swimming experience visit, or phone, Active Pool Supplies, Runaway Bay and Bundall.

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