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Isle of Capri customer upgrades to Australia's smartest chlorinator

12 December 2019

 by Angus Donald

Active Pool Supplies pool owners across the Gold Coast are taking advantage of the free upgrade to the AstralPool Equilibrium pool chlorinator.  In this case, an Active Pool Supplies customer at Isle of Capri was faced with a green pool as a result of an old pool chlorinator that had failed.

Our trusty Pool Technician treated the pool water and installed a new EQ chlorinator with acid dosing for the price of a standard chlorinator, saving over $200. Our customer now has the benefit of of automatic acid dosing to assist pH control.

Pool acid is used to lower the pH of the water in your pool. The reason we want to lower the pH is that at high levels the chlorine produced by the chlorinator becomes far less effective, which means it struggles to stop algae and bacteria growing in the water. Well balanced pool water should be in the pH range of 7.4 to 7.6 which is about the pH of the water in the human eye.  At this level, the water is comfortable to swim in and effective at keeping the water healthy.

With an acid dosing chlorinator, the pH can be kept at a more constant level, rather than taking big swings up and down every time you manually add some acid.  It's a no-brainer. Take advantage of the free upgrade and call us now. Offer ends 31 January 2020.

Be sure to call or call-in to Active Pool Supplies Bundall and Runaway Bay for more information about AstralPool Equilibrium pool chlorinators.

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