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Old Filter failing & leaking. Active Pool Supplies to the rescue...

05 December 2019

 by Angus Donald

Over an extended period of time, the filter on a swimming pool can struggle to do the job of adequately filtering the dirt, body fats, dead algae, bacteria and just general goop that gets into the pool water.  The filter media (traditionally sand) can become blocked up, or the sand becomes smooth and less effective at capturing the bacteria.  Or sometimes the sand can "channel" allowing clear pathways for the water to flow through.   Additionally, filters are expanding & contracting every time the pump turns on and off, and rubber O Rings and Gaskets can become old and perish.

In this case, an old filter (10 years +) had been leaking down the backwash line because the "spider gasket" underneath the valve was old and perished.  Additionally, the sand had never been changed and the filter was failing, resulting in the water frequently turning green.

Active Pool Supplies visited, and 90 minutes later, the old filter had been removed, replaced with a new Astralpool CA280 media filter (with crushed glass media).  The crushed glass replaces sand because it is more effective at capturing bacteria & dirt, it lasts longer than sand, and it requires less water to backwash (good for the planet and your water bill).

If your swimming pool filter has been on your pool "forever", and it's never had a sand change, it may not be filtering the water effectively.  Your water wont sparkle, and your chlorinator will need to work harder (and wear out quicker) to produce more chlorine to counter the inadequacy of the filter.

If you are concerned about the state of your filter or it's definitely time to upgrade, call Active Pool Supplies or drop in store, Bundall and Runaway Bay.

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