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Blocked pool pump repairs by Active Pool Supplies

28 November 2019

 by Angus Donald

Here is another example of Active Pool Supplies saving the day.

In this case, a blocked pool pump restricted the water flow and the pool turned green with algae.  One of our technicians was quickly on the scene to resolve the problem and return the pool to being crystal clear.

The Work Request and Job Notes tell the story:

Work Request:
4th November 2019
Clean up green pool.  Schedule ongoing VIP regular pool service (weekly).
Customer advises pool has had no pool chemicals added since approx July.  Customer advises power to equipment is fine, but system has switched off.

Technician Notes:
Inspection of pool pump and pool filter found very poor flow. System shutting off with "no water" fault.

Investigation found pool pump impeller blocked up with debris. The pool pump was cleared and full water flow restored.

Investigation of the middle plate on V25 salt water chlorinator cell starting to wear, but still producing full output (to be monitored).

Brushed and dosed pool, leaving system running till the next timer period tomorrow.

Added 1kg Dichlor,  1L Powercide, 1L Waterpolish and Acid. Followup date set.

6th November 2019
Follow up on green pool clean up.

Pool has cleared nicely.  Vacuum pool to waste.  Re-balanced water.

Supplied to customer:
1 x Pool Leaf Rake
1 x  Wishbone
2 x Bara Hose
2 x Salt
6kg Buffer
1L Aquashield

Provided customer with a final brief of the work.

Customer happy.

Job complete.

If you have a full emergency at the Gold Coast be sure to call the professionals at Active Pool Supplies Bundall and Runaway Bay.

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