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Green to clean pool in 24 hours - Pool cleaning Gold Coast - Part 3

23 October 2019

 by Angus Donald

Thanks for reading the third part of this Gold Coast pool cleaning story where we were called to a green pool at Paradise Point. Active Pool Supplies cleans and services pools across the Gold Coast Northern suburbs from our two shops located at Bundall and Runaway Bay.

If you have not read the prior two installments of this heroic story of man against algae,  you should look for them across our website so that you can get a full appreciation of what we do to take a pool from green to clean in 24hrs.  In the story so far we have been out to visit a client and solve the problem with the pool turning green which turned out to be the failure of their chlorinator. As we have a full stock of spares and a range of new chlorinators, we were able to offer the customer a choice and a recommendation for it's replacement. With that done, our expert technician prescribed the perfect cocktail of chemicals and left the filtration system running to circulate the cloudy waters.

In this final installment of the story we return to check the results and tidy up. Let us tell you about that.

The owners of the Paradise Point pool in our story can't believe their eyes. They are staring into a pool that crystal clear and ready for swimming in. To ensure that this is the case our pool cleaning technician has returned and takes the time to do a water test to ensure that all is well with the chemistry. Since the pool filtration system did the hard work of removing dead algae and particles from the water, our hero backwashes and cleans the filter one more time. This ensures that the filter is set to keep matters clear into summer. Confirmation all is well is supported by the lightly loaded pool pump humming quietly after the backwash.

Finally our technician took time out to vacuum up any left over debris and brush away any traces of remaining algae.

With all being well, a chat with the pool owner and reminder to leave the filter,  pump and chlorinator on manual for another 12 hours to make sure that circulation tidies up any leftovers. Completing the review of the process, works completed and materials used, there are a couple of questions to be answered before it's time to bid farewell to Paradise Point and our happy crystal clear pool owner.

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